It's something that must be done and cannot be done alone
It's something that must be doneand cannot be done alone

The Partnership for a Safer Lake County

The Partnership for a Safer Lake County is a group of over 30 organizations and individuals committed to ending abuse of all forms in Lake County. Together, the Partnership and its members are committed to creating a multi-faceted human abuse network that will combat child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking, LGBTQ crimes, domestic violence, and more.


We are a community of organizations and individuals committed to ending violence in Lake County through public awareness, coordination of services, and advocacy.


We envision a county that is inclusive, respectful and safe for all people


We act with a sense of urgency, valuing human dignity, collective responsibility, self-determination, diversity, education, collaboration, and compassion.

Strategic Priorities & Objectives

Public Awareness

  • Launch a Lake County NoMore Campaign
  • Launch a Public Education Campaign on violence and on the partnership, its purpose, and what it can offer Lake County

Service Coordination

  • Currently exploring a Lake County 211 number
  • Improve members' understand of each other's services including panel discussions, a lunch or cocktail networking event, and resource fair


  • Compile and analyze data to understand and describe the scope o the problem and build the case for policy change and fund raising.

"It's something that must be done, and cannot be done alone."

The Partnership for a Safer Lake County is supported by Lake County Community Foundation.

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