It's something that must be done and cannot be done alone
It's something that must be doneand cannot be done alone

Speakers Bureau

Members of the Partnership for a Safer Lake County offer presentations to businesses, schools, churches, professional organizations, local governments, and community groups on important topics that range from Cultural Competency in the Workplace to Teen Dating Violence.  Our experienced speakers are highly esteemed experts in their respective fields. The member organizations and presentation topics are listed below. For a more detailed summary of the member organization and their presentations, click on the appropriate tab. To schedule one of our speakers for your presentation, please contact the appropriate contact person at each member organization directly. 



A Safe Place



Foundations of Domestic Violence


Direct Services Issues

Safety and Assessment

Abuser Profile

Children's Issues

Teen Dating Violence

Cultural Competency

Working with Battered Women with Complex Issues

Legal Issues and Domestic Violence

Human Trafficking


Catholic Charities



Adult Protective Services (APS) Program

Charlene D. Quint, Counselor at Law



Domestic Violence 101

Myths and Realities of Domestic Abuse

How the Church Can Change the Culture of Domestic Abuse

Community Youth Network

Topics for the office:


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Cultural Sensitivity
Work Life Balance
Conflict Resolution
Detecting drug/alcohol abuse in the workplace
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – team building or leadership


Topics for parents:


Communicating with your teen
How to know if your child is using – signs/symptoms of drug use
Talking with your teen about drugs
Sexting for Parents – What you need to know about on line safety
Darkness to Light (Child sexual abuse prevention)
Substance Abuse Prevention/Intervention
Value based discipline
Parenting – Giving your child the skills they need to thrive
Self-Care – Achieving Balance in Life


Topics for adolescents:


Substance Abuse – You’re putting what in your body?
Communication 101 – How to get people to hear you
Sexting – So, what is healthy flirting these days?
Life skills (coping, decision making, communicating, goal setting, values, self-soothing, boundaries, self-regulation) – can be broken up into one topic or focused on any or all of the above
Friend Drama


Topics for Professionals:


Darkness to Light (Child Sexual Abuse Prevention)
Sex offender treatment – juvenile, women, men
Substance Abuse – Marijuana, Alcohol, Opioid epidemic
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – team building or leadership

Farmer & Landscaper Advocacy Project (FLAP)



Community and Legal Education

Labor Trafficking Abuse Education

Litigation - Legal Assistance

Jewish Coalition Against Sex Trafficking



Sex Trafficking: What is it and Why should I care

Sex Trafficking: Where does it occur in my community and how it is connected to my life.

How Sex Trafficking is flourishing in the Digital Age

Combating Sex Trafficking by attacking the Demand for Paid Sex



*Let's Talk about Boys, Sexuality and Consent in the Internet and #MeTooAge

*Let's Talk about Girls, Sexuality and Consent in the Internet and #MeToo Age


*Collaboration between JCFS and JCAST

Mano a Mano



Know Your Rights

Basics of the US Immigration Law




Gambling 101

Gambling Disorder and Substance Use Disorder

PADS Lake County



Surrounded by Affluence Yet Homeless

Stepping Stones



Sex Trafficking

Living Healthy: Body, Soul & Spirit

Assisting Trafficking Survivors in a Medical Context

Safety from Sexting

"Thank you very much for your presentation today. It was right on target with what I had envisioned. It causes me to think deeper professionally and personally about human trafficking that is all around us. You  gave me some hope in that A Safe Place is dealing with many more victims than they dealt with only two years ago. Again thank you." - HL

"It's something that must be done, and cannot be done alone."

The Partnership for a Safer Lake County is supported by Lake County Community Foundation.

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