It's something that must be done and cannot be done alone
It's something that must be doneand cannot be done alone

What are the benefits of membership in the Partnership for a Safer Lake County? 

There are many! Among these are having access to resources, networking opportunities, annual conferences, and a chance to help victims of abuse; promoting shared values; raising public awareness; joining with others to advocate for legislative change; building safer communities; eliminating the mentality of working in silos; breaking down barriers to communication; and collaborating with others to make a difference locally and county-wide. 

Why are there membership fees?

Membership fees are used to help with things grant funds cannot be used for such conference expenses and other incidentals. Experience has also shown that there is a greater sense of responsibility on the part of members who pay dues to join an organization. 

"It's something that must be done, and cannot be done alone."

The Partnership for a Safer Lake County is supported by Lake County Community Foundation.

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